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Befriending Service

Below is some feedback from some of our clients:

From:Mrs L Cwmbran
Comments:The befriender always arrived at the time specified, was always polite and courteous to my mother and mum was always treated with dignity and respect.I work long 12 hour days, and whilst on some days friends or family would visit, when they couldn’t it was great to know that the befriender was visiting and taking mum out for 2 afternoons a week. Mum enjoyed her afternoons out, including a coffee and chat, which enhanced my mother’s day until I got home. Mum has recently gone into a care home, as her needs increased, but enjoyed the service of Tea 4 Two for 12 months until very recently.
From:Ms JR on behalf of Mr ER of Cwmbran
Comments:I used Tea 4 Two only for 2 months before my father passed away. I was relieved that a befriender was calling in to see my father every week, at an agreed time that fitted in with my father’s routine. Knowing a befriender was calling took pressure off myself as the visit was on a day when I had to work long hours in the office. I knew that the befriender would break up what otherwise would have been a long day, and I know that they had a chat and tea, which my father enjoyed. My father suffered from Alzheimer’s so conversation could be difficult and circular, but the befriender was very patient and kind with him. I also found the service to be very flexible and helpful and the befriender was very supportive when I had to move around appointments for doctors or hospital etc. My father was treated with respect at all times and the befriender was always polite and courteous.
From:Mrs H From Pontypool
Comments:Having a befriender provides my family with extra confidence/peace of mind that someone else is keeping an eye on things.
From:Mr L from Cwmbran
Comments: Very happy with the service. It is nice to have someone to talk to in the day when my family are at work.
From:Mrs M from Cwmbran
Comments:My befriender puts a smile on my face when she visits. The service also gives my son and daughter peace of mind also, knowing that someone visits regularly.
From:Mr W from Cwmbran
Comments:My family requested this service for me, so that I have someone to have a chat with every week. At the first visit I recognised my befriender, and was pleased that it was someone that I liked and respected. I am very pleased with the service. On behalf of myself and my family thank you for providing such a valuable service.
From:Mr L from Pontypool
Comments:Completed on behalf of our father and ourselves as next of kin. My dad looks forward to Sandra coming and taking him to see mum every week. Lynne and I are happy in the knowledge that both Sandra and Elaine provide this service so we can both concentrate on other aspects of his care. You are both very friendly, approachable and easy to speak to. Any problems are discussed and rectified with just a phone call. Thank you both very much.
From:Mr D from Cwmbran
Comments:My befriender is always on time, polite and respectful at all times. The service has given me the opportunity to enjoy the company of the befriender and to visit new places of interest. It has also allowed my wife time to relax and undertake hobbies and interests of her own, knowing that I am in safe hands.
From:Mrs P from Cwmbran
Comments:Having a befriender has given me freedom and some normality in my life again. I have a point of contact outside the family and enjoy my weekly trips out. I am very happy with the service. The befriender is always on time, polite and courteous.
From:Mrs T from Pontypool
Comments:The service is excellent. It is a pleasure to see my befriender. Thank you for all the help you have given me. My befriender is always on time, courteous and polite.
From:Mrs B from Pontypool
Comments:The befriender has always arrived on time, been courteous and polite. I have enjoyed her company over the last few months.

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