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Befriending Service

Tea 4 Two Befriending Service is an independent service not linked to the local authority or any other agency or organisation. It was established in April 2014 and is being run as a social business.

The reason for wishing to be independent provides us with the flexibility we require to be able to offer our clients a professional service tailored to meet their specific needs. It also allows us the flexibility to be able to work in any geographical area.

All staff who work for Tea 4 Two have enhanced DBS checks undertaken by the police, so you can be reassured that the person visiting your home is honest and trustworthy, and confidentiality is maintained at all times, unless there is a risk to our clients or the staff.

All of the staff have undertaken extensive training and highly qualified and experienced.

A befriender will provide companionship to those who are isolated and lonely, by calling to see them in their own home on a regular basis at a time, date and frequency that is convenient to them.

A befriender can visit for a chat and a cuppa, or we can give a daily well-being phone call which can help you to feel safe, and can give friends & family peace of mind that you are safe and well.

A befriender can also take your loved one shopping

Tea4Two can provide respite sits so that loved ones who may need a break from caring on a regular or adhoc basis. We are unable to provide any personal care or provide any medication

On a regular basis we obtain feedback from our clients and this information will be used to assist in development of potential future services

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