Tea 4 Two

Befriending Service
  • Do you know someone who is lonely?

  • Do you know someone housebound?

  • Would a daily phone call make them feel safe?

  • Are you and the rest of your family busy working?

  • Do they feel isolated in their own home?

  • Are you due to go on holiday, would someone visiting your loved one give you peace of mind whilst you are away?

  • Would someone visiting them on a regular basis make a difference to their life, and contribute to maintaining their independence?

  • Have they recently lost a loved one and would want to chat to someone informally about their loss and how they feel?

  • Are they in receipt of Care Services, and their care needs are coming to an end, but you still want someone to visit them?

If you answered YES to any of the above then we can help, download a referral form from here and send to referrals@tea4twoweb.co.uk or simply complete the form online here

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If you need other services that we cannot provide, we can make referrals to Support Services on your behalf

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